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February 18th - 24th, 2024

Engineering Student Council | New Mexico State University

Welcome to our annual engineering week! Our yearly event goal is to celebrate and promote the field of engineering. Since its beginning, the College of Engineering has celebrated engineering to promote the well-being of students within the college and celebrate the accomplishments of engineers. 
E-Week is open to all students, professionals, and members of the general public interested in learning more about engineering. We will be hosting a range of events including presentations, competitions, games, and food. 
This year's e-week will be held at the New Mexico State University Campus in the College of Engineering buildings. We hope you will join us for what promises to be a week full of exciting and educational events!








Does engineering week cost money?

Food will be free during engineering week. Event games may require you to purchase a ticket.

Are events open only to students?

E-Week is open to everyone, our goal is to promote engineering to the community.

Question not answered?

Please feel free to reach us at