Engineering Senator Position

The Engineering Student Council is currently looking for an engineering student, who is interested in becoming an Engineering Senator.  Recently, there has been a vacancy.  As a result, we are looking for a student who is preferably a Freshman or Sophomore that meets the following requirements; a member of ASNMSU, be in good academic standing with NMSU, be…
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2019-2020 ESC Board Nominations

Interested in being more involved in the College of Engineering? Looking for opportunities to develop your communications and leadership skills (and maybe a resume booster)? Consider joining the 2019-2020 ESC Board! Fill out the NOMINATION FORM ( Attend the ESC General Meeting on 2/19/19 Give a short speech about what you would like to do…
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2018 ESC Executive Board Elections

NOMINATION FORM Elections will take place at the Engineering Student Council General Meeting taking place on March 27th at 5:30 in Jett Hall room 259. The roles, election procedure, and duties are set forth by the ESC Bylaws.   EXECUTIVE BOARD                                                                                                                                          Each council shall elect, by simple majority vote, an Executive Board that shall…
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2018 Engineers Week at NMSU

  February 19: E-Week Kick-Off @ Clocktower, 11:00 am – Come on over to find out what’s gonna go down this week! – Learn about the upcoming elections & E-Week opportunities and prizes February 20: bE-Social Day (2 events) Puppies & Pastries @ EC Clocktower, 10 am – 2 pm – In collaboration with Therapaws of…
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Council Minutes 2017-2018

General Meeting 1 Attendance General Meeting 2 General Meeting 3 General Meeting 4 General Meeting 5 General Meeting 6 General Meeting 7 General Meeting 8 General Meeting 9 General Meeting 10 General Meeting 11 General Meeting 12

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ASNMSU Bill Process

  ASNMSU Bill Process Guide First of all who should you reach out to a current ASNMSU CoE Senator   If you are attending a conference and you are traveling, ASNMSU may be able to help you get partially reimbursed for your expenses. We can fund travel, lodging, transportation, some conference fees, and building materials….
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Make a New Club

Why: Chartering makes you an official NMSU club, eligible for travel funding/reimbursement, booking rooms, filling out activity request forms/ hosting events and fundraisers on campus. When: You must renew this every year when your leadership changes in the form of a Recharter due Sept. 28 every year. Step 1. Charter the Organization You’ll need 10…
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Outreach Opportunities

2018 Engineer’s Week social and outreach events hosted by the Engineering Student Council and the College of Engineering! Discover how E-Week is celebrated nationally, Here. MONDAY, February 19 Kick-Off: College Weenie Roast @ Maggard Courtyard, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm We will be welcoming 150 prospective students and their parents, please volunteer you organization to mingle with them and…
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