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Appropriation Limits and Guidelines

All appropriations are reimbursements. No member organization represented in the Council can receive more than $500.00 year from Council funds, according to ASNMSU Law.  

To be eligible for appropriations a member organization must:

  1. Have turned in a Membership Form
  2. President & Treasurer of your organization must complete an ASNMSU Funding Procedures Workshop by the required ASNMSU Deadlines.
  3. Each organization must meet a minimum of 40 points per semester to be eligible for funding.
  4. Each member organization must have a minimum of one council representative at every Council meeting.
  5. Each student organization must have a minimum of one organization member participate in 90% of the Council Events.                                                         

Council funding for Student Organizations will be available per the following schedule and terms:

  1. All member organizations will be eligible for $250.00 reimbursement in the Fall semester if they met all requirements above or signed a Letter of Agreement.
  2. Student Organizations can apply for an additional $250.00 disbursement in the Spring semester on a prioritized basis based on points earned and event participation levels.
1. MEETINGS 2 per representative 24 points
2. COUNCIL EVENTS  2 per event 30 points
Weenie Roast 2 per volunteer 10 pts
Homecoming Float Construction 5 per volunteer 25 pts
Alumni Cookout 2 per volunteer 10 pts
Spring Engineer’s Week 5 per volunteer 25 pts
3. COMMITTEES 2 per meeting 8 pts
4. BONUSES 20 pts
Action Photos/Group Shots 1 per photo 12 pts
STEM Community Service 1 per hour, 10% of group 10 pts
Survey’s (Online) 1 per survey
10 pts