Make a New Club

Why: Chartering makes you an official NMSU club, eligible for travel funding/reimbursement, booking rooms, filling out activity request forms/ hosting events and fundraisers on campus.

When: You must renew this every year when your leadership changes in the form of a Recharter due Sept. 28 every year.

Step 1. Charter the Organization

  • You’ll need 10 Member Aggie ID numbers, Officer (ID, Email, Phone Number), Adviser ( MSC Address, Email, phone Number).
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email, then your adviser will, make sure your adviser doesn’t delete the confirmation from their email! Pretty sure the sender name is going to be either Campus Activities, Presence, or Aggie Life.
  • Attach a set of your Bylaws: How to write bylaws

If you have any trouble, the point of contact is: Rosie Carbajal,, First floor Aggie Lounge at the Campus Activities Front desk.

Step 2. Join the Engineering Student Council

  • Elect Engineering Council Representatives for your club
  • Fill out this Annual Contact Form to the best of your ability
  • Once we know who representatives are, we’ll add them to our canvas page
  • The Engineering Council Representatives you elect will be in charge of earning points for your club, dealing with Senators, and keeping you up to date with beneficial events.

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