Funding Request

There are 2 sources of funding available to student organizations according to financial protocols detailed in the ESC Bylaws & ASNMSU Law Book.

1) Engineering Student Council (ESC) Awards Appropriations

2) ASNMSU College of Engineering Senators write bills to award partial reimbursements for travel

STEP 1: Appropriation Form

Fill out the ESC Appropriation Form and Email to

STEP 1: Contact a Senator BEFORE attending the events you wish to be partially reimbursed for.
STEP 2: Present to Council STEP 2: Bill Request Form
STEP 3: Signatures

Collect the Reimbursement Form printed out by ESC officers after the General meeting described in Step 2 and Obtain the remaining signatures for the bottom of the form.

 STEP 3: Complete Community Service

Speak to your senators about bill requrents.

STEP 4: Receipts

After all purchases email copies of receipts Council Director of Finance. Original receipts MUST be turned in to P-Card holder or PO author.




ASNMSU Fiscal Advisor

Debbie Peel |

ASNMSU Comptroller


Appropriation Form

Required (for all cases) when requesting funding from the ESC.

Letter of Agreement

Only required if clubs have not met required points yet.

Letter of Appeal

Required if seeking to appeal a decision made by the Executive Board

( Example: Denied funding, penalties, denied membership, nominations, and more )