Funding Request

The Associated Students of NMSU ( ASNMSU ) fund a maximum of $500 per student organization through college councils. The funds are disbursed as per the Engineering Student Council (ESC) Bylaws & ASNMSU Law Book. The ESC disburses additional funds from other sources to each student organization through the grant process.

Funding Requirements Overview

  1. Be a member of the Council to receive $250.
  2. For more than $250 in a given academic year, organizations shall have to
    accumulate at least 25 points of the 100 possible number of points available to each organization.
  3. The student organization with the most number of points will receive $700 through the grant process.


Council Appropriation Process

STEP 1: What do you want to buy?

See the funding guide for what can you purchase with E-Council Appropriations and Grants v.s. what can be reimbursed to you from ASNMSU Bills.

STEP 2: Fill out the Council Appropriation Form

Email form to ( without signatures).

STEP 3: Present to Council at the next ESC meeting.

Council will email back the form with 3 signatures.

STEP 4: Obtain the last signature then make Purchases.

Email copies of receipts after purchases to Council Director of Finance to keep track of your organization balance.



ASNMSU Fiscal Advisor

Debbie Peel |

ASNMSU Administrative Assistant

Lorraine Arvizu | | 575-646-4415

ASNMSU Comptroller


Letter of Appeal

Required to appeal a decision made by the Executive Board