2019-2020 ESC Board Nominations

Interested in being more involved in the College of Engineering?

Looking for opportunities to develop your communications and leadership skills (and maybe a resume booster)?

Consider joining the 2019-2020 ESC Board!

  1. Fill out the NOMINATION FORM (https://goo.gl/forms/Y6GFlHifzSieBIxv1)
  2. Attend the ESC General Meeting on 2/19/19
  3. Give a short speech about what you would like to do and why you are suitable for the position(s)
  4. Good luck!

Nominations open 1/22/19, close 2/17/19

Elections 2/19/19 in Jett Hall 109 at 5:30PM

Positions Available:

  • President Serve as chair of council; Develop the agenda for each council meeting; Be familiar with the College Council Bylaws, as well as the ASNMSU Law Book in general; Act as an official representative of the council
  • Vice President Assist the President with the setting
    of the General Agenda, planning of meetings; Serve on the Council of
    Councils, In the absence of the President, assume the powers and duties of the President
  • Director of Finance Receive and disburse all council funds; Provide a financial report to council meeting detailing each council’s account balances and pending appropriations
  • Director of Internal Affairs Record and maintain all records and minutes of all council and council committee meetings; Record points for each council organization   
  • Director of External Affairs Coordinate community service or community outreach event per semester, under the supervision of the council’s president                   
  • Director of Public Relations Actively and frequently maintain public relations with the NMSU Community and shall publicize its activities throughout each academic year; publish The LineUp!, an engineering student weekly email newsletter

The roles, election procedure, and duties are set forth by the Engineering Student Council Bylaws:


Each council shall elect, by simple majority vote, an Executive Board that shall consist of a President, Vice President, Directors of Internal Affairs,  Director of Finance, Director of External Affairs, and Director of Public Relations, who shall serve as each council’s officers. Each council’s faculty advisor shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of their council’s Executive Board. All councils’ Executive Board members shall serve one (1) academic year terms commencing with the conclusion of council elections and ending with the installation of their successor at the conclusion of the following year’s elections.


  1. Any student wishing to run for an executive board position must be a member of ASNMSU and be present at the council meeting where elections are being held.
  2. Council elections shall be held by public ballot, voice vote or hand vote, with the results of each election posted on their respective council’s website or social media.
  3. Each candidate wishing to be elected to an Executive Board officer position shall give a speech not lasting more than two (2) minutes and, afterward, will be available for a session of questions that shall not last longer than ten (10) minutes.
  4. Candidates seeking an Executive Board office shall be required to remain outside the room while voting are proceeding. They shall re-enter the room to give their speech and answer questions but shall leave once their presentation is over and remain outside the council’s meeting location until voting has concluded.
  5. All Executive Board members shall be elected by a majority of council members present.  Should no individual receive a majority of votes in the initial ballot, a runoff shall be immediately held for the individuals who received the most and second-most amount of votes.

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