The Associated Students of New Mexico State University (ASNMSU) is our university’s student government made up of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches. Within the Legislative branch, Senators representing each college at NMSU ( College of Engineering, College of Education, College of Business, etc.) comprise the ASNMSU Senate.
All Senators write and represent BILLS to partially reimburse NMSU students and organizations for conferences, competitions, research, and community service done in the U.S and Internationally ( talk to your Senator, some restrictions may apply). All Senators also write and represent RESOLUTIONS for the entire NMSU body (approximately over 19,000 students). Keep up with ASNMSU Senate Passed Legislation.
Engineering Senators attend Engineering Council meetings for direct input from constituents ( E-Council Representatives) but are not compelled to side with council representative votes. Engineering Student Council representatives (at most 2 from each member engineering organization) have the power to appoint new Senators, in the case of a Senator’s extended absence or resignation, upon requested of the sitting ASNMSU Vice President. In this case council representatives, alone, vote to install a new Senator. In all other cases all students within the College of Engineering vote for Senators. Keep up with important Election Dates.
For more Information please visit: http://asnmsu.nmsu.edu/

Contact Current Engineering Senators

Contact any of the ASNMSU College of Engineering Senators below for more information about how to write a bill and obtain reimbursements funding.

General Email: asnmsu_eng@nmsu.edu

Jonathan Ortiz


(915) 412 – 1664

Connor Stringam


(575) 644 – 3159

Alberto Orduno


(915) 497 – 8444

Grace Igwe