ASNMSU Bill Process


ASNMSU Bill Process Guide

First of all who should you reach out to a current ASNMSU CoE Senator


If you are attending a conference and you are traveling, ASNMSU may be able to help you get partially reimbursed for your expenses. We can fund travel, lodging, transportation, some conference fees, and building materials. We cannot fund food, discretionary expenses, or anything not related to travel


Steps to obtain funding:


1: Go to the ASNMSU ‘So You Want to Be Funded’ page and fill out a bill request form as completely as possible, this includes information about your trip such as who attended, where you went, what you did, and what money you spent


2: Your senator will write your bill in rough draft form and it will be read in first readings at which point it is a rough draft bill


3: Turn in the following to your senator

  1. a) Community service forms,

b). Proof of competition and valid advisor letter,

  1. c) Make sure that someone in your organization has completed a valid financial procedures workshop (FPW)


4: On the Tuesday following Senate you and your senator will go to the Rules Committee, where you will need:

  1. Proof of competition for example, a bracket or a plaque if you won something
  2. An advisor letter on an official letter head (provided previously to your senator) signed by your advisor with the names of everyone who went on the conference

5: On Wednesday your bill goes through Community Affairs Committee where  you will need to be present with your senator and provide proof that members of your organization completed a community service

6: On Thursday your bill will go through finance you will need valid financial procedures workshop (FPW) to be completed by the president and treasurer of your organization

7: After this, your bill will go to the general senate meeting, Thursday after, where you will need as many members of your organization as possible to represent your bill because Senators from other colleges may need answers to additional questions

8: If your bill is passed and is signed by the ASNMSU president it will be taken to the financial advisor Debbie Peel who will give further instructions about turning in receipts & granting the funds

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