2016-2017 Engineering Council Officers






     Name: Alexandra “Lexi” Valdez

     Major: Chemical Engineering


Perform all responsibilities incidental to the office.
2. Act as official representative of the Council.
3. Work with the Dean of Engineering in the selection of the Council Faculty
4. Plan Council event dates, meeting dates, and yearly goals
5. Attend a financial procedures workshop in the Fall semester
6. Supervise the activities of all elected and appointed officials.
B. The powers of the Council President shall be:
1. To appoint chairs and members of the committees
2. To convene the Council in either regular or special sessions.




Vice President 

     Name: Maria “Lupita” Marquez

     Major: Chemical Engineering


The Vice-President shall:
1. Perform the duties of the President in case of inability of the President to
perform the duties.
2. Perform any other duties assigned by the Council President.
3. Attend all ASNMSU meetings required by ASNMSU, including any meetings set
by the ASNMSU Chief Elections Officer.

Director of Internal Affairs

     Name: Jessica Cleal

     Major: Mechanical Engineering


The Vice President of Internal Affairs is the officer in charge of the council correspondence. The primary job of the VP of Internal Affairs is to keep track of the minutes, attendance and keep records of all documents relating to the council.

Director of External Affairs

     Name: Clayton Miller

     Major: Information Engineering Technology


A. The Director of Internal Affairs shall:
1. Be responsible for all Council records, correspondence, and proceedings.
2. File a copy of the approved minutes of the Council with the President of the
Council and all members of the Council.
a. A copy of the approved minutes must be placed on the Canvas page,
Council Drive, and Council website.
3. Be responsible for maintaining copies of this Constitution, its amendments
and the bylaws in good order for ready reference.
4. Maintain records of attendance and shall notify the Executive Board of the
current point totals of each organization
5. Perform any other duties which might be assigned to them by the President.


Director of Finance

     Name: Luis Barrera

     Major: Engineering Physics


A. The Director of Finance shall:
1. Supervise the financial actions of the Council.
2. Perform any duties which might be assigned to them by the President.
3. Submit a report of finance of the Council when so directed by the Council and
a format report upon the termination of the term in office.
4. Be familiar with all ASNMSU financial procedures.
5. Be responsible for petty cash account as defined in the Petty Cash Bylaws.
6. Attend a Financial Procedures workshop with the President
7. Review Budgets for the Activities (listed in Section 3 of Bylaws)


Director of Public Relations

     Name: Andrea Salazar

     Major: Chemical Engineering


A. The Director of Public Relations shall:
1. Perform any duties which might be assigned to them by the President.
2. Be responsible for the council’s advertisements and marketing.
3. Be responsible for the council’s website, Canvas page, and Facebook page.