ASNMSU Senators

Contact any of the ASNMSU College of Engineering Senators below for more information about obtaining funding for your organization through bill writing or visit ASNMSU.


   Senators work for the Associated Students of New Mexico State University (ASNMSU) and are the student government’s legislative branch here at NMSU. Senators oversee student services such as Crimson Cab, the U-Pass Program where NMSU students ride the Las Cruces Transit Bus for free, student discount programs, and the Aggie Transit system here at NMSU.
   The ASNMSU Senate REIMBURSES NMSU students and organizations for conferences, competitions, research, community service here in the U.S and International (some restrictions may apply). Senators represent the entire student body (approximately over 19,000 students) and represent their respective colleges. Senators report back to their respective councils for opinions on how to best represent constituents in the Student Government, NMSU Administration as well as local, state, and federal government.
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Current College of Engineering Senators

  Drew Cassidy | | (575) 640-9655

  Valeria Carrillo | | (575) 202-1608

  David Elver |

How to Apply for a CoE Senator Position

Perks of being a Senator are:

  • Voting on important legislation
  • Gaining key speaking and debating skills
  • Working with all engineering organizations that need funding
  • Developing interdisciplinary friendships and learning new points of view
  • Getting paid to do it all! ($498.00 disbursed monthly through Leadershipscholarship)


  • Be full-time students on the NMSU Main Campus
  • Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA (3.0 GPA to receive the Leadership scholarship)
  • Not be on academic probation
  • Attend Senate meetings bi-weekly (Thursdays from 6:00 PM~11:00 PM)
  • Attend E-Council meetings bi-weekly (Mondays from 5:30-6:30)
  • Attend Committee meetings bi-weekly (Off-weeks of Senate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays 5:30 PM~8:30 PM)

 To Apply:

  • Complete an application packet, available here when you click on the appropriate Senatorial Candidate Packet
  • Prepare a short, 2-3 minute speech on your interests in the position and why you are the best candidate.