Message from the Engineer’s Council:



Hello Engineering Aggies! The Engineer’s Council would like to welcome you all to another wonderful year here at the College of Engineering. Here in the NMSU College of Engineering, we’re family. As part of a family, we’re here to look out for our students. The Engineer’s Council is the Student Council that represents the Engineering student organizations and advocates on the behalf of all students in the College of Engineering.


It’s our mission to promote student activism and involvement in the College’s clubs and organizations, which we accomplish by:

  • Providing funding to student organizations,
  • Hosting general council meetings open to all students in the College of Engineering,
  • Hosting college-wide events, and
  • Advocating concerns or issues from students to policy-makers within the College

We believe the difference between the education every student receives and the true professional growth our college can provide is student involvement. When students get involved in our college, they form lasting networks and gain important personal, social, and professional experience on their way to become true engineers. It is our Duty to support these clubs and organizations, and to give you the best experience that NMSU can provide.


Welcome to the Council!

Elijah Wade
Engineer’s Council President